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Just what the Doctor ordered: a TARDIS Pinny!

doctor who quoteAh, if you haven’t yet tried a Jammie Dodger, here’s your chance! I have the simple recipe up and waiting for you! I am planning on baking another batch this weekend! While you are waiting for your Jammie Dodgers to cool, I’d like to introduce you to my very talented sister-in-law, Melissa! I requested a Pikachu Pinny last October for my 2 year old’s Halloween costume. I was very impressed by the attention to detail and the quality of the sewing! My daughter LOVES her Pinny, and generally asks to wear it to bed after wearing it all day! We couldn’t be happier with it!

Melissa and I thought it would be to put together Doctor Who themed blog posts, and without further ado, here’s Melissa:

Hello everyone! I’m Melissa, the owner and creative mastermind behind Little Miss Pinny! I’m so excited to be the first guest on Kayla’s awesome blog! Seriously, these recipes just look delicious! She certainly does “take the cake” when it comes to yummy treats and meals. 😉

So, my blog is a bit different from Kayla’s. I’m not as talented in food as she is, but I do know how to sew! My blog, Little Miss Pinny, is designed to showcase all of my creations that are in my Etsy shop, Little Miss Pinny. But one thing we do have in common is our love for all things considered nerdy and geeky, Doctor Who being one of them.

To go along with Kayla’s awesome Jammie Dodgers recipe (and by awesome I mean I am so totally making those this weekend!), I have the perfect pinafore to match! Here’s my newest creation, the Timey-Wimey TARDIS Pinafore!

tardis 14 watermark

Doesn’t just imagining a little cutie munching on one of those Jammie Dodger cookies while wearing this make you explode with Doctor Who fan cuteness overload?! 😉 Well, it does for me anyhow.

tardis watermark
Yes, this cutie is my adorable niece!

I just love how this whole pinafore turned out, and even how the accessories just fit together so well! The other part that I totally love (if I do say so myself) is the optional Bad Wolf text on the back.

tardis 12 watermark

I know that bowties are cool, but you know what else is cool? The windows on this pinny are pockets. POCKETS! You know what that means?! It means this pinafore is BIGGER ON THE INSIDE! Lol!

tardis 1 watermark

So, while your Jammie Dodgers are baking, head on over to the Little Miss Pinny shop to check out the Timey-Wimey TARDIS and all of my other creations! Don’t forget, I also take commission orders, including bigger sizes! Hope my next order is from you!